Swedish pickled cucumbers


Salad, Side Dishes, Swedish


1 english cucumber

2 Cup(s) water

3/4 Cup(s) sugar

1/2 Cup(s) white vinegar

Optional Ingredients:

1 Dash(s) fresh parsley Add to shopping list

2 Pinch(s) salt Add to shopping list


In a large bowl, add the vinegar, water, sugar, and Italian parsley or Dill. Stir and set aside. Rake the cucumbers lengthwise with a fork (a nice, decorative touch). Thinly slice the cucumbers and add to the vinegar mixture, together with chopped parsley (optional, I do not use the parsley). Pepper to taste (not much). Chill and serve!

Alternative: Salt the cucumber, and put them in a bowl (alone), with a heavy 'press' on top. This will draw some of it's water out of it. Do not use salt in the brine above.