Low Carb Broccoli and Cheese Fritters

Side Dishes


3/4 cup Almond Flour

1/4 cup + 3 tbsp. Flaxseed Meal

4 oz. Fresh Broccoli

4 oz. Mozzarella Cheese

2 large Eggs

2 tsp. Baking Powder

Salt and Pepper to Taste

1/4 cup Mayonnaise

1/4 cup Fresh Chopped Dill (or 1 tbsp. Dried Dill)

1/2 tbsp. Lemon Juice

Salt and Pepper to Taste


1. Add broccoli to a food processor and process until broccoli is completely broken down.

2. Mix together the dry ingredients with the broccoli.

3. Add the eggs and mix together well until everything is incorperated.

4. Roll the batter into balls and then coat with flaxseed meal.

5. Heat your deep fat fryer to 375F, then lay fritters inside the basket, not overcrowing it.

6. Fry the fritters until golden brown, about 3-5 minutes. Once done, lay on paper towels to drain excess grease and season to your tastes.

7. Make a zesty dill and lemon mayonnaise for a dip. Enjoy!


This makes 16 total Broccoli and Cheese Fritters. Each fritter comes out to be 78 Calories, 5.8g Fats, 1.3g Net Carbs, and 4.6g Protein. With sauce, each fritter is 101 Calories, 8.3g Fats, 1.3g Net Carbs, and 4.6g Protein.