Frittata with Avocado, Roasted Peppers, Olives and Feta



1/3 cup chopped onions

1 tsp. olive oil

6 large eggs

1/2 cup milk

1/2 tsp. dried oregano

1 1/2 ripe, Fresh California Avocados, peeled and seeded

1/2 Tbsp. lemon juice

3/4 cup feta cheese, crumbled

1/3 cup Kalamata olives, coarsely chopped

1/3 cup coarsely chopped roasted red bell pepper


Sauté onions in olive oil until soft, about 5 minutes; cool.

Meanwhile, beat together eggs, milk, and oregano; reserve.

Cut avocados in 1/2-inch dice; gently toss with lemon juice.

In a well-greased 10-inch oven-safe frying pan, evenly scatter avocado, cheese, olives, roasted pepper and sautéed onion over bottom of pan. Gently pour reserved egg mixture into pan.

Bake at 325 degrees F until frittata is almost firm in the center, about 50 minutes.

Cool; cut into wedges.

Serving Suggestions:

You can substitute other favorite ingredients for the olives and red bell pepper. Use equivalent amounts of cooked chopped vegetables such as mushrooms, spinach, broccoli or chile peppers.

Beverage Pairings:

For breakfast serve with Italian cappuccino.

*Large avocados are recommended for this recipe. A large avocado averages about 8 ounces. If using smaller or larger size avocados adjust the quantity accordingly.


Per Serving: Calories 160; Total Fat 13 g (Sat 4 g, Trans 0 g, Poly 1 g, Mono 5 g); Cholesterol 175 mg; Sodium 260 mg; Potassium 198 mg; Total Carbohydrates 6 g; Dietary Fiber 3 g; Total Sugars 1 g; Protein 7 g; Vitamin A 549 IU; Vitamin C 16 mg; Calcium 96 mg; Iron 1 mg; Vitamin D 0 IU; Folate 36 mcg; Omega 3 Fatty Acid 0.7 g
% Daily Value*: Vitamin A 10%; Vitamin C 25%; Calcium 10%; Iron 6%
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 Calorie diet. Your Daily Values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.