Baked Bacon Wrapped Cheesy Eggs




Vegetable oil spray

6 strips cooked bacon

6 large eggs

3 slices American cheese, cut in half to make 6 pieces


1 Place oven rack in the center position and preheat the to 375°F.

2 Spray a 6-cup muffin pan with vegetable oil and line each cup with a strip of cooked bacon so it circles the inside.

3 crack an egg into each of the cups, trying to keep the yolks unbroken, and bake for about 12 minutes, or until the egg whites are cooked.

4 remove the pan from the oven and top each cooked egg with a half slice of American cheese.

5 Place back in the oven for 1 or 2 minutes more, just until the cheese begins to melt.

6 remove and let stand for another minute before taking each bacon-wrapped egg out of the pan using a fork or small rubber spatula. Serve hot, garnished with fresh parsley, if desired.


If doing bacon in the oven, it was perfect at 10 minutes at 400 degrees.


Calories: 125 | Fat: 9g | Protein: 9.5g | Fiber: 0g | Net Carbs: 1g