BBQ Cheddar-Chicken Salad with Tomatoes & Bacon

Lunch, Main Dish, Poultry, Salad


1 1/2 lb (681g) cooked chicken meat (hot or cold), cut into chunks

1/2 cup (76g) sugar free bbq sauce

1/2 cup (110g) ranch dressing (recipe)

1 1/2 cups (169.5g) cheddar/colby cheese blend, shredded

12 slices (336g) bacon, pre-cooked and cut into big chunks

1/2 lb (227g) cherry tomatoes, washed, dried and halved or quartered

2 small (148g) roasted bell peppers, peeled, seeded and diced

4 cups (284g) mixed greens, washed and dried

salt and fresh cracked pepper, to taste


Mix, season with a bit of salt and pepper and then serve!

Note: As mentioned in the notes, you can use hot or cold cooked chicken for this. If I wanted to take this to a potluck with a BBQ, I'd make the salad with the fresh ingredients, mix the ranch and BBQ sauce together and bring as a separate dressing and then raw chicken, marinated in BBQ sauce. I'd grill the chicken and cut up, hot and fresh, then add to the salad with the dressing. Mix it up and serve!


4.89 carbs per serving.