10-Minute Marinara Sauce



1/4 cup oil (palm oil or light olive or avocado oil as they have higher smoke points)

4 Tbsp dried minced onions or 2 small onions, diced

2 cloves garlic, minced

1 Tbsp salt (I use Real Salt)

1 Tbsp thyme

1 Tbsp rosemary

1 Tbsp oregano

1 Tbsp parsley

2 Tbsp sweetener (I use 1 scoop stevia - read How to Use Stevia)

56 ounces of diced organic tomatoes


Place oil in pan.

Heat over medium heat.

Add onion and garlic. If using minced dried onion, add about ? cup water to rehydrate. Cook for approx 2 min. until browned.

Add remaining ingredients and cook for about 7 min until the sauce is slightly darkened in color.

Serve over pasta.


For the THM (Trim Healthy Mama) food plan, this is an S as written. Reduce the oil to 2 T for an FP, assuming you will use about 1 cup sauce per person.